Model 121 Programmable DC Current Source

The Lake Shore Model 121 provides low-noise, stable current.

More information about the instrument can be found on our website including the manual which has a list of all commands and queries.

Instrument methods

class lakeshore.model_121.Model121(serial_number=None, com_port=None, baud_rate=57600, data_bits=7, stop_bits=1, parity='O', flow_control=False, handshaking=False, timeout=2.0, ip_address=None, tcp_port=7777, **kwargs)

A class object representing the Lake Shore Model 121 programmable DC current source


Send a command to the instrument

command_string (str):
A serial command
connect_tcp(ip_address, tcp_port, timeout)

Establishes a TCP connection with the instrument on the specified IP address

connect_usb(serial_number=None, com_port=None, baud_rate=None, data_bits=None, stop_bits=None, parity=None, timeout=None, handshaking=None, flow_control=None)

Establish a serial USB connection


Disconnect the TCP connection


Disconnect the USB connection


Send a query to the instrument and return the response

query_string (str):
A serial query ending in a question mark
The instrument query response as a string.